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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a remodeling project but I’m not sure if I need an interior designer or an architect?

A: This is a common question. Let us put your mind at ease as we have a team of professionals ready to tackle any scale project.  A simple way to remember things is a Registered Interior Designer is an Architect on the interior of a space.  A Registered interior designer has the skills and education to draft new space plans, construction documentation and develop lighting & electrical plans, finish plans and millwork details.  We provide concierge services tailored to each project as the scope and complexity of each can varry dramatically.  We also have an architect we can rely on when required.

Q: My project involves re-decorating, how does a professional interior designer’s skills differ from an in-store decorator at a local furniture & material showroom?

A: Many times retail in-store decorators are primarily sales people. They’ve had only a limited education in interior design and space planning, unlike professional interior designers who attend comprehensive, accredited 3-4 year interior design programs at colleges.

Typically, in-store decorators are not as well versed in scale, proportion, space planning, color theory and health and safety issues. Also, they’ll only offer you product selections from their featured lines. Professional interior designers have access to hundreds of trade-only vendors and manufacturer’s world wide. If you decide to use an in-store designer be sure to ask about their qualifications to determine if they’re the right match for your job.

Q: I don’t know what my design style is or how to articulate it, should I still work with an Interior Designer

A: We hear this concern frequently. Rest assured we have a unique assessment system to draw out what colors, textures, images, shapes, finishes and feelings resonate with you. Your answers to your Ideabook will inform our designers of your likes and dislikes.
Our favorite part of our job is helping you create a space that’s completely unique to your personality and not a replica of “specific style” that looks done and impersonal.  We work with you to bring your ideas to fruition.

Q: How do Interior Designers charge for their professional design time?

A: Hiring an interior designer is an investment in saving you time and acquiring the peace of mind that your job is being executed professionally, in a cost-effective manner and to your liking.

Currently, there is not one industry standard for how interior designers bill for their professional time, but there are two common formats– Hourly Rate or Flat Fee.

As its name implies, hourly billing means you are charged an hourly fee per team member for the time it takes to complete your project. A Flat Fee arrangement means you are billed one flat fee for the design, execution and completion of your job.

When interviewing your prospective interior designer make sure you clearly understand their billing practices and frequency.

designYYZ will work with you to develop a mutually agreeable Estimated Budget of Professional Design Time based on the size of your project.